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We are stock brokers under Maybank Kim Eng, one of the established stock broking firms in Asian Region and recently acquired by Maybank.  

Some of the Benefits that you could enjoy after opening the Stock Trading Account with us:
  • Enjoy low trading rate (as low as 0.18%*) for trading in Singapore Stock Exchange.
  • You could ask for higher trading limit*
  • Easy access to multiple countries - Singapore, Malaysia, United States & Hong Kong etc.
  • Easy access to multiple products - ETFs, Equities, CFD & ES etc.
  • Free Seminars 
  • Free Personal Training - Fundamental Analysis & Equity Investment & Portfolio Management*
  • Free Newsletters 
  • Enjoy Promotions time to time

To open stock trading account online, you may come to our website and fill up your particulars and enter the Preferred Remisier code = "LP". We will contact you shortly. 


Q1. How do I open a KE Trade account?

For New Individual Clients

There are 2 ways to open an account:

1) In Person
You can choose to contact us via to bring you to complete the application forms.

Alternatively, you can download and complete these forms and together with the supporting documents, bring them to us:

Supporting Documents
    a. Identity card (for Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and Malaysians)
    b. Passport and Work Permit (for Foreigners)
    c. Re-entry Permit (for Malaysians with Singapore Permanent Resident status)

If you do not have a CDP account, you are required to visit us in person to open a trading account.

2) By mail
You can download and complete the above forms and together with the supporting documents, mail them to us. However, please have all forms and supporting documents signed and witnessed by a notary public or commissioner for oaths. Please mail to Kim Eng Securities Pte Ltd at:
  • 63 Market Street #12-01 (Please state Remisier Name = PHANG SHENG JIE, JACK

Q2. What is your opening hours for your offices?
Our Customer Service Centres are open from Monday to Friday (except for public holidays), from 9am to 6pm.
Our Investor Centre is open daily (except on Christmas and the first 2 days of Chinese New Year), from 10am to 10pm.

Alternatively, you could contact via email and we will arrange for personal meeting with you. 

Notice: On 24 Dec, Kim Eng Investor Centre will be open from 11am to 8pm.

Q3. How long will it take to open a KE Trade account?
For new client, it will take approximately 3-7 working days to open a KE Trade account upon receipt of your completed forms and verification of your signature. For existing clients, it will take 2-5 working days to open a KE Trade account upon receipt of your completed forms and verification of your signature.

Q4. Are there any charges/deposit required for opening a KE Trade account?
There are generally no charges or deposits required to open a KE Trade account.

Q5. Are there any other accounts or forms that I must open or submit before trading markets available at KE Trade?
For trading on the Bursa Malaysia (formerly KLSE) market, you are required to open a nominee CDS account with our Malaysian counterparty broker for online trading. A payment of S$5.00 is required for opening of this account.

For trading on the US markets (NASDAQ/NYSE), you are required to sign a W8-Ben form.

Q6. What is the trading limit for KE Trade and who should I call to increase my limit?
A global trading limit (for trades done through your trading representative and KE Trade) is set based on information furnished in your account opening form.

The daily trading limit on KE Trade online and mobile is a subset of the global trading limit. Once you have reached this limit on a particular day, you will not be able to trade via KE Trade online and mobile. You may continue to trade through your trading representative, subject to your total outstanding transactions not exceeding the global trading limit. On the next market day, you may resume trading on KE Trade online and mobile at the same daily limit provided you have not exceeded your global trading limit. You may contact your trading representative directly to request for an increase in trading limit.

To check your online trading limit and trading representative contact particulars, please log in to KE Trade and do the following:
  • Click on the "Personal Configuration" icon
  • Select "Profile"
  • Select "Trading Limit" for your online limit; or
  • Select "Trading Representative" for your trading representative's name and contact particulars

Q7. What are the costs involved in Stock Trading? 
Trades done in the Singapore market
The brokerage rates for trades done in the Singapore market are as follows:

Contract ValueOffline Trade (%)Online Trade (%)Mobile Trade (%)
Up to S$50,0000.500.2750.275
Above S$50,000 & up to S$100,0000.400.220.22
Above S$100,0000.250.180.18

Important note:
  • All brokerage rates are negotiable subject to the published minimum.
  • We reserve the right to revise the published brokerage fees from time to time.

Other than the brokerage/commission rates payable, the following charges are incurred when trading in the Singapore market:
  • Clearing Fee of 0.04% on contract value, subject to a maximum of S$600;
  • SGX Trading Fee of 0.0075% on contract value; and
  • GST of 7.0% on each item, i.e. brokerage/commission and fees.

Online and mobile trades done in foreign markets
The brokerage rates payable for trades done in foreign markets via KE Trade are listed as follows:

Country/ExchangeTrading Hours (Singapore Time)Commission RatesSettlement Period
Malaysia/Bursa Malaysia0900-1230 hrs
1430-1700 hrs
0.50%, min RM80T + 3
Hong Kong/SEHK0930-1200 hrs
1330-1600 hrs
0.40%, min HK $100T + 2
US/NASDAQ and NYSE2130 - 0400 hrs
2230 - 0500 hrs
(Subject to Daylight Savings Time)
0.35%, min US$25T + 3
**Above brokerage/commission rates do not include any clearing fees, stamp duties or foreign fees payable that are chargeable on each trade.

Offline trades done in foreign markets
For brokerage/commission rates on offline trades for foreign markets, please consult your trading representative.

Besides brokerage charges, there are several fees associated with stocks and margin trading.

Trust Account fees
With effect from January 2007, a monthly fee equivalent to 1% p.a. or S$7.50, whichever is higher, will be levied on interest bearing trust balance.

Custody fees on foreign counters
A monthly custody fee of S$2 per counter (subject to a maximum custody fee of S$150 per quarter) will be levied on all foreign counters held in your account at the end of every month.

A quarterly invoice will be sent to inform you of the custody fees billed.

We will automatically waive the monthly custody fee charges if you have at least two transactions per month. If there are six (6) transactions for the quarter, the total fee for that quarter will be waived. The waiver is regardless of trade size, or whether the trades are local or foreign shares. We will also automatically waive the monthly custody fee charge levied on a foreign counter if the foreign counter is suspended from trading at the point when we compute the charges.

* Terms and Condition Applies
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