16 December 2014

Asian Currencies Against USD YTD Performance - 16 Dec 2014

SINGAPORE, Dec 16 (Reuters) - The following table shows rates for Asian currencies against the dollar at 0153 GMT.


Change on the day at 0153 GMT
Currency Latest bid Previous day Pct Move
Japan yen 117.75 117.81 +0.05
Sing dlr 1.3108 1.3130 +0.17
Taiwan dlr 31.312 31.342 +0.10
Korean won 1095.40 1099.10 +0.34
Baht 32.96 32.97 +0.03
Peso 44.82 44.67 -0.32
Rupiah 12850.00 12695.00 -1.21
Rupee 62.94 62.94 -0.00
Ringgit 3.4950 3.4965 +0.04
Yuan 6.1931 6.1912 -0.03

Change so far in 2014

Currency Latest bid End prev year Pct Move
Japan yen 117.75 105.28 -10.59
Sing dlr 1.3108 1.2632 -3.63
Taiwan dlr 31.312 29.950 -4.35
Korean won 1095.40 1055.40 -3.65
Baht 32.96 32.86 -0.30
Peso 44.82 44.40 -0.94
Rupiah 12850.00 12160.00 -5.37
Rupee 62.94 61.80 -1.81
Ringgit 3.4950 3.2755 -6.28
Yuan 6.1931 6.0539 -2.25

From the table above, we know that Japan Yen dropped the most against USD YTD (about 10.59%) due to the famous Abenomic pushed by Japan prime minister, followed by Malaysia Ringgit (-6.28%), Indonesia Rupiah (-5.37%) and Taiwan Dollar (-4.35%). Indonesia Rupiah suffered the most today as hot money is getting out from emerging market, as prospect of emerging market turns negative after the drop in prices across the commodities market, lead by current spot light - Crude Oil. There is rising concern over the possibility of default by certain developing countries such as Venezuela and it has resulted in pulling out of investment in emerging markets.


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