04 November 2014

Thai Beverages Unveils 2020 Strategic Roadmap - November 2014

ThaiBev Unveils “Vision 2020” Strategic Roadmap for its Group

  • Increase revenue contribution from non-alcoholic beverages to over 50%
  • Increase revenue contribution from outside of Thailand to over 50%
  • Streamline businesses into three product groups supported by common infrastructure
  • Push core brands and key markets for each product group

Thai Beverage Public Company Limited (“ThaiBev” or the “Group”) unveiled “Vision 2020”, the Group’s roadmap for the next six years. Driven by “Five Strategic Imperatives” – Growth, Diversity, Brands, Reach, and Professionalism, ThaiBev is setting out to further the success it has progressively achieved since its establishment in 2003.

“Vision 2020 is all about sustainable leadership. It underlines our resolve to consolidate and build on our leading position in Southeast Asia. To this end, we endeavor to align our various businesses along a common path and harness our combined strengths. Through Vision 2020, we seek to provide customers with even better products; create greater value and deliver more sustainable returns to shareholders; and enlarge opportunities for our employees,” commented Mr Thapana Sirivadhanabhakdi, President and CEO of ThaiBev.

For more details, please refer to here.

My Notes

It seems that Thai Beverages is making a good / brave move to further diversify its core business into non-core sector such as soft drinks / non-alcoholic drinks. It is expected that F&N + Sermsuk will be playing a key role in making it success in long run to venture to global market. 

I would see the way that F&N to dispose off Myanmar brewery business a step further to its vision 2020. From now on, I believe Thai Beverages will be treated as MNC instead of labelled as Thai based company after the F&N acquisition. Hopefully it could also dispose off Chang beer division in future (which I doubt so) as it is still not making good money even compared to non-alcohol division . 


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