13 October 2014

Free Fall of Singapore Stock Market - October 2014

Starting from this month (October 2014), the investors have experienced the volatility in equity market. Some decided to leave the market as they do not dare to see the volatility, some prefer to short against the market as they followed the trend, some may just did nothing as long as the businesses were still running good in long run.

To me, I prefer a volatile market although it seems that there are more risks involved. The opportunities lies on the risks. For some investors, they may find more counters in their watchlist hit the targeted buy range. There are still some concerns to the investors, as they could not handle the paper losses or they just not too sure of handling it.

As STI trading below 3,200 points, there are 3 ways you could do:

  1. Wait for lower level as the market is still in the down trend based on technical view
  2. Accumulate some counters at cheap market price, but with different batches to reduce the opportunity cost or to still have bullets when undervalued counters appear infront of you.
  3. Just do nothing, and stick to your buy and hold strategy, over the long run it proves that equity investment is still the best asset class for Investment period of more than 10 years and above.

Every choice you made will have an impact on your future actions and mindset. So just set your mind correctly, and always stick to your investment principles but adjust according to the market condition.

Good luck in your investment journey.

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