06 August 2014

Wee Hur First Venture in China - August 2014

My Notes

There are a lot of developers venturing in oversea after the cooling measurement kicked off since last year. Many developers also invest heavily in investment properties to secure the steady cash flow before property market bottom up which I believe it may take another 1 more year to normalize as the government is still trying to get the private property price to lower down further.

Singapore government is implementing a lot of pro-citizen policy that may harm foreign direct investment, especially manufacturing and service industry that rely on low cost labor to survive. One of my friends has moved to Hong Kong, a more strategic location for his trading business with East Asia and South East Asia countries like Vietnam, Mynamar and Thailand.

China government has loosen their policy on mortgage loan in certain cities. I believe that the property market may recover in long run. With civilization in progress in China, there is a real need for citizens to have a living place near to the place with plenty of job opportunities.

Another issue could be the dividend. The company declared dividend of at least 2 cents since year 2011. It declared 4 cents dividend when one of the industrial projects completed with bulk of net profits. I hope that the company could declare at least 4 cents dividend next year as I believe it is another record year for the company this year.

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