05 June 2014

Yang Zi Jiang - Investor Confidence Lost - June 2014

Yang Zi Jiang share price plunged after the executive chairman Mr Ren has been accused of making illegal actions against the company that he has invested into since beginning of this year. The company later announced via SGX website that it is unreal news and would take any legal action to protect Mr. Ren on this issue.

Yang Zi Jiang is by far one of the best if not the best S-Chip performer with long year track records. It has been started off from humble ship builder to current one of the Top 3 private ship builders in China. It just began its strategy plan to diversify its business to venture into Finance & property development.

Whether the allegation is real or unreal, it has indeed give damage to Mr. Ren. We hope that we could get a clear picture as time moves on.

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