05 June 2014

Johor to Decide Implementing Friday Holiday for Private Sector As well?

Since beginning of this year, Johor public sector weekend holiday is set to Friday to Saturday while private sector is not following suit. Since then, there are a lot of complaints from parents that they are lacking time spending with their kids as most of them are working in private sectors. The only available weekend they can spend together falls on Saturday, and it has given some negative impact to food & beverage industries and other retailers.

Due to the inconvenience caused so far, Johor Sultan has advised State government to re-study the case now and it may now push private sector to standardize weekend holidays to both Friday and Saturday. This would be a surprise move for Johor government to do so as it may create another inconvenience especially to Banks & SMEs that have businesses with other states / countries which working days are from Monday to Friday. 

My concern is that whether private sectors would be "forced" to adopt this and whether it could bring any benefits to Rakyat especially those who live in JB and working in Singapore. Would it also dampen demand of property price of Iskandar Malaysia after Sultan announcement of putting a cap price of foreigner purchase price of RM 2.0 Million or about S$ 775K? Let's see what would happen so far as I guess there is some conflicts of interest in between central government lead by Najib and state government which is now more influenced by Johor Sultan. 

So far, property market in Iskandar Malaysia still supported by locals as well as people who are working in Singapore. If and only if infrastructure between JB and Singapore can be improved further, otherwise we may see a lot of "white elephant" projects here. So far, only certain area receives popular demand such as Tebrau, Nusajaya (Bukit Indah nearby), Medini, Skudai, and Danga Bay etc. Large parts of properties are supported by those who are willing to travel in between JB and SG for working & living purpose as there are still lacking quality jobs here as compared to Singapore. 

Current situation is getting worse as Singapore government is tightening the security policy for those who traveling across the causeways and we so far have no concrete idea when/ where would the "MRT" linked to Johor Bahru. Let's pray hard and hopefully we would receive any good news by end of this year. 

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