20 May 2014

Penang Trip - April 2014

Last month my family and I went to Penang for a short trip. There were many reasons why we go to Penang:
Food; Beach; Heritage Scene; etc. Thanks to E&O (Singapore Branch) and arrangement with E&O Malaysia office, we had a complimentary one night stay at Lone Pine Hotel in Batu Feringgi, Penang and a short tour to E&O's prestigious project - Andaman Series located at Seri Tanjung Penang.

We went to Penang via the Penang Second bridge at Batu Kawan. The length of the bridge is nearly 2 times of first bridge located at Seberang Perai. It is a landmark of Penang and achievement under CM Lim Guan Eng although the project was actually started off before PR took over from BN on 2008 general election.

Middle of Penang Second Bridge.

Lone Pine Hotel is one of the earliest hotel operators in the famous tourism belt in Batu Feringgi, Penang which is managed under E&O group. It is about 20 minutes drive away from Georgetown, Penang. For beach lover, you definitely will enjoy the beach as well as the water sports facilities there. Facilities of the hotel include free Wifi, swimming pool, bungalow restaurant and a bar. We were warmly welcomed by the friendly staffs there with welcome drinks and the staff brought us to one of the 99 rooms in Lone Pine Hotel located at the third floor that provides a good sea front view. He also explained to us nicely on the facilities in the room. Although the check in time is on afternoon, but the staff managed to get us have an early check in on 12:30 noon which we were quite happy with that.

After a quick check in, I went to E&O Sales Gallery to know more about the Seri Tanjung Penang project by E&O group which was started off since more than 7 years ago. If you are not too sure about Seri Tanjung Penang, it is a maiden project of E&O in Penang which comprises of Semi-Detached home, Bungalows, Condominiums, as well shopping mall with yachting facilities. You may refer to the below map on the location.

Location of Seri Tanjung Penang

From the master plan here, The Andaman Series is one of the second phase development by the group. "Andaman" is named after the Andaman Sea which the proposed condominiums are facing to. The high rise project comprises of 1-Bed, 2-Bed and 3-Bedrooms condos with most of the them facing Andaman Sea. The buyers can enjoy the excited sea front view as well as the fantastic clubhouse facilities such as swimming pools, meeting room, gym room and even a mini theater that would definitely bring a lot of fun to the family.

Classic Bathroom, source: Company

The sales manager - Ms. Caryn brought me to the show rooms at E&O Sales Gallery in Seri Tanjung Penang. According to her, the buyers majority were locals while foreign buyers mainly from Asia countries such as Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong etc. She also mentioned to me that the properties in Penang was rising very fast, a double storey terrace house in Seri Tanjung Penang which was sold RM700K++ 6-7 years ago was asking for RM2 million and above in current resale market!

Apart from the reason other than hot money flowed to Asia market since year 2009 after the financial crisis, I believe that the strong branding and recognition for E&O group has made a lot of investors to be multi-millionaires in just few years time. What a miss to me, have I invested earlier in Penang during the global financial crisis. To know more about this project, you may refer to the news here and contact the sales staff here.

After visiting Seri Tanjung Penang, my family and I went to the famous Gurney Drive hawker center and had a dinner over there. There was plenty of choices there, and you could easily fall into love the Penang food and definitely come again next time. But as vegetarians, there was only one stall so we ordered Hokkien Kuey Tiaw.

The next day we went to Guan Yin temple at Ayer Hitam and enjoy the view there. We also went to have delicious food in various places. Below are some of the food pictures taken from different restaurants / hawker centers:

Vegetarian Hokkien (Prawn) Mee

Vegetarian Curry Mee

Vegetarian Penang Laksa

Vegetarian Dumplings Made with "xiao mi" 

Vegetarian Crispy Chicken Satay with Great Gravy

Vegetarian "Wet" Popiah 

Are you feeling hungry now? Come to Penang now! You may even consider to have Malaysia My Second Home scheme with a purchase of property in Penang to enjoy the good food & good scene there.

Malaysia, Truly Asia. :-)

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