07 February 2014

US Stocks surged - 7 Feb 2014

[NEW YORK] US stocks surged Thursday (6 Feb 2014) amid optimism that the January jobs market report out early Friday will point to firm economic growth.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 187.14 points (1.21 per cent) at 15,527.37.
The broad-based S&P 500 added 21.76 (1.24 per cent) at 1,773.40, while the tech-rich Nasdaq Composite Index tacked on 45.57 (1.14 per cent) at 4,057.12.
"Investors are a little bit more upbeat today on economic prospects, and have decided to look a little bit more at the bigger picture as far as overall economic strength," said David Levy of Kenjol Capital Management. - AFP
Source: Business Times Breaking News

My humble opinion is that, despite higher volatility this year, we could still hold on to investment that is still fulfill our requirement (buy at the margin of safety and sell when it is overvalued). So far, most counters have fallen from the peak and retreated to a level where we could slowly accumulate for the business value. 

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