02 December 2013

Thai Beverages - Political Risk (Dec 2013)

Thailand recent unrest have triggered a tough question to Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to solve her internal issues. I hope that the issues can be resolved asap as it will give negative impact to investment and business in Thailand. 

As a company base in Thailand, Thai Beverages is having large Thai exposure even though after the acquisition of F&N recently. I sincerely hope that Thailand can return to a functional government soon. While I am not very sure of the actual impact to Thai Beverages, but we can see a weakening price chart and hopefully the price can come back to above 50c if the protests can be resolved soon. 

With recent weakened Thai Baht, it only could help exporters but not importers to gain more profits. So far, many countries has issued warnings to its residents to be very careful while traveling in Thailand. I hope that every travelers in Thailand can come back safely. 

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