09 December 2013

Riot In Little India, Singapore - December 2013

There was a riot happened in Little India, after a guy was killed in an accident that took place in Little India. Hundreds of angry foreign workers anticipated in a riot that destroyed a few police cars. Nonetheless it is now under control and the police is investigating the case.

This is another serious case after Chinese bus drivers stopped working for a few days in an attempt to show their unhappiness after being noticed of a lower salary compared to their Malaysian & Singaporean colleagues. This resulted a 4 Chinese put into jail and 27 was terminated contract and sent back to China. 

I believe the Singapore government is now in the midst of dealing with foreign labor policy to ensure that all these things that will not be happened again. According to the government, all foreigners are not allowed to raise their voice in public area. Even for Singaporean, they can only do it in Hong Lim Park. 

To me, I am quite worried if things go wrong, and may resulted in more foreign MNCs to reconsider their long term strategy to treat Singapore as their regional hub. However, I think this is a non-event and we will see how Singapore government handle this issue with everyone in mind. Hopefully it can be resolved soon and we will see a peaceful Singapore again.

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