26 December 2013

Hao Yuan Venture into Iskandar Malaysia - Dec 2013

Although I am not very familiar with Hao Yuan, but I believe that such as move (RM1.6B land acquisition) and RM8.0B gross development value in Iskandar Malaysia will definitely attract many investors to take a look of this project. You may go to the below link for further explanation.

Source: http://www.businesstimes.com.sg/breaking-news/singapore/singapores-hao-yuan-investment-lead-us24b-development-iskandar-waterfront-20

I understood from my friend that there was some bookings to be cancelled for Country Garden project in Danga Bay. Nonetheless, what I could hope for is the business development here such as MNCs to setup their branches here so that they could rely on Singapore, a regional hub to link to other countries in the world.

Due to the strong Singapore dollar currency, I believe it will attract a few investors to park their excess cash here, until the cooling measurement imposed by Singapore government is reversed.

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