24 November 2013

Johor - Changes of Working Days to Sunday to Thursday (From Jan 2014 Onwards)

Johor Sultan announced that the working days will change to Sunday to Thursday with effect from January 1 2014.

I just checked with few friends and relatives. Some gave positive and some negative comments on this. The positive comments are:

  • Sunday Banking is possible now. It provides alternatives for Malaysia working in Singapore to come to Johor and do their personal banking services in Johor on Sunday. 
  • Sunday Government - More and more people from private sectors can now go and do their NRIC / Passports without taking leaves on Sunday. 
  • Possible Lesser jam on Friday, especially for those who come back to Johor from Singapore to enjoy weekend home here. 
The negative comments:
  • Schooling changes from Sunday to Friday. It means that for those parents whose working days remain Monday to Friday, they cannot enjoy two days weekend with their kids now. Instead, it may become a headache for them if they are the one who fetch the kids to and from school, especially on Sunday & Friday. 
  • Inefficient in Banking Services / Logistic Services. It may not be as effective as current, as some may work from Sunday to Thursday and some Monday to Friday. It may seems like the actual fully working days are from Monday to Thursday (reduced to 4 days) as compared to now. 
So far, I treat it as slightly negative impact, as foreigners may fear that the policy keeps changing and may affect their foreign direct investment here. A consistent and pro-investment government policy is a need for the state to grow further. However, I fully understand that the government officers (mostly Muslims) would welcome this changes as they can just focus on their own family days on Friday. Just FYI if you are not aware of, Johor holidays actually were Friday and Saturday prior to 1994.  

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