17 October 2013

My Singapore Stocks Watch List Update - October 2013

I will update my watch list on adhoc basis. Please visit my blog regularly to keep yourself updated.

As I am die hard fan of retail & property sectors, so I will mainly focus on both sectors, but will gradually monitoring aviation / oil & gas / telecommunications / mining & etc sectors so that I can increase my circle of competence, and be a more successful business-like investor in future.

I am most welcomed of your feedback.

Singapore Stock Watch List
  • Retail Business
    • Food Empire PE=13.x DY=1.95% ROE=12.69% 
    • ThaiBev (ROE, DY) PE=11.X DY=3.225% ROE=35%
    • Super Group PE=28X DY=1.75% ROE=19%
    • Sino Grandness (ROE, NPM) PE=7.6X ROE=34%
    • Eratat  Director sold off all his stakes, prompting curiosity
    • Old Chang Kee (too small capital, inconsistent earning stream)
    • Osim (ROE, NPM) PE=16X DY=3.0% ROE=44%
    • Japan Food  PE=13.6X DY=2.5% ROE=25%
    • Straco PE=15.3X DY=2% ROE=15%
    • Sarin PE=24X DY=3% ROE=36%
    • Jardin C&C (ROE) PE=10X DY=4% ROE=21%
    • SPH (dropping ROE, DY) 
    • Sarin (ROE, DY, rev) 
    • Sheng SIONG (ROE, DY) 
    • Eratat (Reducing ROE) 
    • DairyFarm (reducing ROE) 
    • Oversea Edu (ROE, NPM, DY) - increasing competition from Iskandar Malaysia campus
  • Property & Construction
    • Hiap Hoe (rising ROE, NPM) 
    • Keong Hong
    • Sim Lian
    • Lian Beng
    • Good Land - Target Buy Price 26.0c, due to dilution effect
    • Capitaland
    • Kepland
    • Yanlord
    • FEOrchard
    • Wee Hur
    • KC Dev
    • Aspial
    • Ara (ROE)
    • Aspial (ROE)
    • ChipEngSeng (Reducing ROE)
    • Wing tai (ROE, NPM)
    • Roxy pacific (ROE)
  • Plantation & Related
    • First Resources (ROE)
    • Wilmar
    • Noble
    • CWT (ROE)
  • Oil & Gas
    • Kruez (ROE, rising profit)
    • Ezion
    • Semb marine (dropping ROE)
    • Yang Zi Jiang (reducing ROE, DY, NPM)
    • First REIT
  • Finance
    • Silverlake - can consider only when price below 50c (PE < 15X)(dropping ROE, NPM)
    • SGX ( ROE, NPM, DY)
    • UOB (NPM)
  • Engineering
    • CSE global (ROE)
    • UE E&C - 
    • SIA Egg (ROE, DY)
  • Telecommunication
    • Starhub (ROE, DY, NPM)
    • M1 (ROE)
  • Mining
    • Ipco (REV)
    • Civmec (ROE)
  • Electronic
    • Casa (DY)
    • UE E&C (reducing ROE, DY)
  • Logistic
    • GLP (REV)
    • Singpost (dropping ROE, DY, NPM)
    • Good pack (ROE, NPM)
  • BioMedical
    • Cord life (ROE)
7/10/2013 - 10/10/2013 to be monitored
  • Tye soon (PE)
  • BrC (rising ROE)
  • Boustead (ROE)
  • KSH (ROE)
  • Neratel (ROE, DY, NPM)
  • XMH (ROE)
  • XYEC (ROE, newly listed)
  • 800 super ( RoE, rubbish processing)
14/10/2013 Small Market Cap Counters that enjoying high ROE

  • Goodland
  • Triyards


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