07 October 2013

Hu Li Yang's Talk in Singapore stock Conference 5 October 2013

I am one of the fans of Hu Li Yang, not only he is one of the investment guru in Asia region, but also of his great personality on stock investment.

I would like to share with you some of his opinion in year 2014 trend of investment:

  • QE Tapering is the beginning of the clock to swing the asset price back to reasonable price or undervalued price. If you think the shares price is high now, it's better not to touch it until you think that it is cheap to buy. 
  • He is still looking good on Malaysia and Singapore stock market, mentioning that Asean is one of the fastest growing market in the world. However, he cautious that there will be volatility in the market still, and be careful when buying any counters / assets. 
  • It may take 1 year time for market to back to its reasonable level. There are still many people complaints of the high property price, driven by the hot money that flows to different market to look for investment / speculation opportunities. 
  • Gold is not a good long term investment tool now, at least for next 10-20 years. He mentioned that Gold normally has 10 years bull market and 20 years bear market. 
  • Be patient for the market correction and keep the money under the pillow. He jokes that bankers will call you to invest excess money in bank and you may be in trouble if buy at the higher price. 
  • If a share price breaks below 10 day average price level, the higher chance is that the price would be in the down trend. So be careful when the share price is in the down trend as the trend could last for few months - years. 
  • The best performing months are from November to January, the worst performing months are July, August and October. 
To me, Hu is more like a teacher to those who are still new in investing / trading. He doesn't really care about financial ratio like P/E or P/B ratio, but more interested in catching opportunities by looking at the chart or doing some quantitative methods. After all, it is up to you to decide how to apply your own investing / trading strategy based on your real characteristics, because no one can better understand you than you do. 

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