08 October 2013

First Six Downtown Line MRT Stations to Open December 2013

When I first read the news on the first six downtown line MRT stations to be opened on 22 December 2013, my first thought was the recent poor performance of SMRT. SMRT to me is a GLC which controlled/supported by the Singapore government to introduce or encourage public ride life in Singapore. According to a research which I could remember where the source is, Singapore government is targeting a 75% population to take a ride on public transport in this small island and may consider to impose more ERPs in major road like Alaxandre Road & Holland Road.

Whether you like it or not, now BMW (Bus, MRT, Walk) is the main vehicle of most Singaporean.  And to battle with the inflation, I do not think that the bus & MRT fares would be increased significantly over the years, so what SMRT management could do is to be very careful in performing maintenance jobs (to avoid any additional penalty costs), and at the same time to promote shopping / advertisement experience in some of the popular MRT stations.

Demographic of Singapore has changed. Most of the young couples could just go dining and shopping near to the MRT stations before heading home. With more MRT stations to open, I believe that certain industries can enjoy the benefit from here. Let's work harder to find out investment opportunities here.

Sim Lian could enjoy the benefit for having a good land bank in Bukit Panjang, where Bukit Panjang is one of the terminals of Downtown line. Anyway with so little volume transacted per day, it is not a favorable counter for institutional investors.

My concerns now is whether the Thompson line could be completed by year 2020, as now I am relying heavily on MRT for my daily transport tool. And it would reduce the traveling time to maybe 30 minutes from Woodlands to downtown, a same traveling hour from Punggol to downtown. Let's keep an eye on the progress of MRT, and enjoy the ride (although the user experience may not be as good as 5 years ago).

Below is the source of the news I read. You may take a look here.

Source: http://sg.news.yahoo.com/first-six-downtown-line-mrt-stations-to-open-22-december-042755520.html

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