22 October 2013

A Letter to My Soon-to-be-Born Baby

To My Dearest Baby,

You are coming to this Wonder land soon. I hope that you can be happy and healthy always, and be a kindhearted people with the full mindset of contribution to society when you grow up. Because of you, both your mother and I have to adjust our long term plan to get ready for your arrival. Nonetheless, it was a good experience that cannot be bought by money, and we are ready to be a good parents to you too.

The very first thing I like to share with you is that, "There is No Free Lunch in This World". Do NOT take everything for granted. In fact, you should learn to get the things you want with your own hard work. I hope that you can manage your time well, and concentrate on the things you love and bring benefits to the people around the world.

As you are a Malaysian, we hope that you can get along with your Malay and Indian neighbors well when growing up. And you will be studying in Chinese Primary School, so I think we have to speak both English and Mandarin to you at home, so that you are still be able to master both Chinese and English languages.

Secondly, be always prepared for the worst while hoping for the best to come. This is to let you be more prudent in managing your own pocket money and own stuffs. We will teach you how to save and spend money wisely. It is always good to leave a portion of your money into savings so that you can use it for big purchase or investment that is good for you and everyone.

I will bring you to public library and enjoy the reading environment there. It is getting harder for a kid to spend big time in reading, as most of your friends would be playing the electronic devices such as tablets, net books etc. You will learn a lot of new knowledge from the book & magazine.

I will bring you together as a part time social worker when you grow up. I wish you to learn that there are still unfortunate guys outside, and you will learn to be appreciate of what you have now and do not waste any food or things you have.

Thirdly, I wish you be a generous person. Treat your friends & families & others well. You will know that you still require team work to get things done well. Do not be a slave of money. Instead, try to master the money game and let it works harder for you. Share the knowledge you have with other friends, and they will too share with you on how they can master the money game with their own methods. However, it is up to you to decide which method suits you most, and just stick to it after several tries on different methods.

I am looking forward to your birthday, soon.

Yours sincerely,

Jack Phang, CFA

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