13 August 2013

Country Garden - Danga Bay (Aug 2013)

Last weekend Country Garden, one of the top 10 developers in China held festival in its Danga Bay project located in Iskandar Malaysia. What surprised me was that it targeted to launch RM 18 Billion worth total gross development value (GDV) project there, with a product mix of residential, commercial and leisure activities there.

From newspapers I could see a human-created beach with a jetty over there, providing facilities for Singaporean to come here via private water transport. Country Garden advertised this project via media in Singapore as well as invited Singapore Stars to come here to promote the project. Some artistes show great interest in this project and would consider to invest here if they were offered a great discount by the developer.

So far the project starts with RM 750 psf. You may refer to the link below for detailed information:


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