27 August 2013

China Minzhong Halt - Aug 2013

Today I would like to record down the plunge of China Minzhong share price of nearly 48% in a single day. For some investors, they have already avoided to invest in S-Chips, or Chinese companies listed in Singapore stock market, especially after the "Chaoda" scandals happened just a few years back.

GIC divested its shares to Indonesia company few months back (with earnings I believe, as they got it at much lower price), now I am worry if this Indonesia company would like to privatize it if they believe that the counter is undervalued now. 


  1. Hi Jack, what your comments/views on the short seller question towards minzhong?

    1. Hi retnuoc,

      For a company who wishes to fake the report, its always on Non Cash item, such as CAPEX and Working Capitals etc. It's not day 1 for us to know that there are many scandals happened in S-Chips, and that's why many counters are trading at single PE.

      Let's see how it goes for the show now.


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