12 August 2013

Biosensors - 1st Quarterly FY2014 Result Summary - Aug 2013

1st Quarter FY2014 Result Summary:

You may look at the image below which I took from company's report. The Total Revenue dropped about 11% to 65M USD, particularly in licensing and royalties revenue (-33%) Quarter On Quarter (qoq). Net profit dropped 63% to 12M USD from 33M USD 1 year ago. Diluted EPS was 0.69 US cent compared to 1.86 US cent a year ago. 

The NAV of the group stood at 73.81 US Cent or about S$0.92.

The Financial Review of the Group is shown as below:

The management also noted for any known factors that may affect the group performance for the next 12 months which is shown as below:

With Current Financial Ratio:

Annualized EPS = 0.69*4 = SGD0.0345
Annualized PE = 88.5C / 3.45C = 25++ X
PB = 0.96X
Annualized ROE estimate = 3.75%

Above just an estimated figure if we just based on the 1Q 2014 performance. The management expected to have improved revenue result in next coming quarters. Let's see if the EPS could be improved in next few quarters to justify its current financial ratio based on current market valuation.

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