16 August 2013

A casual talk with a friend on Singapore properties

Today I spent an hour with a friend who is now retired and enjoy her retirement life with her husband and family. She mentioned to me that the property market in Singapore has been gone up crazy since few years ago. Her 5 room flat in Serangoon which she purchased at S$100K++ some 30 years ago valued at near to S$800K now, which translated to about 5% - 7% compound return rate.

If you think that it is ridiculous to own a HDB by paying S$800K, then what do you think if you could compound your S$100K at average 10% in stock market for 30 years?

The answer is S$1,744,940.23.

What if you could achieve even higher at 15% compound return in 30 years for S$100K?

The answer is S$6,621,177.20.

Time is a good friend for a good investment, but an enemy for a bad investment.

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