15 July 2013

What are Your Problems in Investing?

We have recently tried to identify the problems in investing shares or other financial products. You may share with us your opinions on your problems investment journey. 
  1. Investment ideas - To some inexperienced investor, they might not really know the investment ideas. In my opinion, you could get it from the latest news, either from online or offline media. You might get the ideas from your broker or anybody around you. However, the consequences could be too overwhelmed by the news. You have to learn how to filter out the useful information that you could utilize on. For example, I am quite keen on property stocks investing, so I always like to follow the news released by the authorities or from the publishers, so that I could know what the current market condition is and check whether there is a need to reallocate my portfolio. I also do read financial reports released on SGX / Bursa Malaysia website to help me to further understand the business of my favorite listed companies. 
  2. Lack of financial education - This is the critical part, as it determines the potential return that you could get from your investment. To most of the people who have no knowledge on the investment, they may park their excess cash in Fixed Deposits that generate about 1% annual interest, so certain that the purchasing power would be eaten up by the "Inflation" monster over long run. The more financial term you learn, the more opportunities you have in investing in different asset classes to diversify your risk while achieving better returns. 
  3. Not enough time to manage investment - The lesser time you have to manage your investment, the more passive investment tools you can choose, which also in another word that, you may generate a lower return compared to active investors. Sometime, it is also very hard to get a good money manager to assist you in managing your money. 
So, what are the problems that you encounter during your investment journey? Welcome to share with us here. 

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