17 July 2013

I Love Singapore

I am living in JB since I was young. And a lot of my ex secondary School mates are working in Singapore. Me too. 

Lets talk about what makes Singapore a developed nation in such as a short period. Some argued that Singapore is just a small island so it can be easily managed and achieved faster growth compared to other larger South East Asia countries. Some also argued that due to strong and anti-corruption government, they can achieve Real growth in long run. In some others opinion, it is due to the relatively strong currencies and a foreign talents welcomed policy that attract both foreign direct investment as well as foreign workers to boost up per capita GDP growth. 

In fact, after so many years of growth, some if not most of the citizens started to feel the pain of growth. Many young couples who just graduated from university or poly technics just cannot afford to buy their home in secondary market, and anyway it does help them to get married fast just to have a BTO (Build To Order) flats. This resulted in conflicts between citizens and governments 

In fact, we did see a U-turn in Singapore labor policy and a surge in labor costs after the 2012 election. A lot of research reports mentioned about the worry of over supply in property market in year 2015. And you can notice that government is in the preparation for rising interest rate once US has recovered from the recession, which they measured by lower than 7% jobless rate in local market. 

While I do not deny the efforts by Singapore government to do more in favor of the citizen, we also cannot leave other working forces behind. Some of my friends who are PRs and having schooling kids there may be "encouraged" to convert to citizens, but most younger PRS may just go back to the home grown nation as they just could not afford to buy a flat there. 

Anyway, a lot of my friends are not looking good in the prospect of Iskandar Malaysia. In fact, this region can only be good in compliment to Singapore, proving the resources of Industrial land, which is limited supply in Island. We can see a continuous transformation of Singapore to be a light labor intensive industry nation, meanwhile Iskandar can be a playground / leisure place to its neighbor. At This Moment. 

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