14 July 2013

Hatten Imperio Mall Updates - April 2014

April 2014 Update
I have been notified by Hatten group on the second 10% progress billing that has been completed and RHB is the panel bank for the mortgage loan application. As this is about 5 months delay as projected based on July 2013 update, I believe the group will speed up the construction and hopefully it can be completed by End of 2017.

July 2013 Update

Not too long ago, I asked Hatten group on updates of Imperio Mall. The staffs there sent me an excel file which consists of the expected time table of completion. Below is the indicative schedule of Imperio Mall:

November 2013 - Stage 2i (20% Completion)
March 2014 - Stage 2ii (30% Completion)
October 2014 - Stage 2iii (40% Completion)
November 2016 - Stage 3i (97.5% Completion)
November 2017 - Stage 3ii (100% Completion)

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