08 June 2013

Next Insight - A Good Portal on Shares Investment in Singapore

There are few websites which I think is good for newbie investors to participate / learn from. One of the websites I think is good is "Next Insight". When I first started to invest in Singapore Market, I went through this website to getting comments / news update from various sources. If I am not wrong, this website also has a team of editors that provides summary / their own view on SGX listed counters.

Last time I was misunderstood as one of the editors from Next Insight when I was in CEO Talk. So I do believe that this team do provide a good quality write up on Singapore Counters and I wish to share with you on them.

About Them:

a) Cover selected briefings organized by listed companies for analysts and fund managers;

b) Cover selected overseas trips organized for analysts and fund managers;
c) Do exclusive interviews with CEOs of selected companies;
d) Write the key content of clients' annual reports, including the financial & operations review, as well as produce content for publications such as CFA Singapore's newsletter.
e) Provide and moderate a forum for readers to discuss stocks.

You can go to their website to have a look there. Welcome to share with us the website(s) which you think it is good for the investors here.

P/S: It is wise to do your more own homework before making any investment decision. Discuss with your Financial Advisor / Banker / Broker to find out more on the counters you are interested in.

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