02 May 2013

Will Malaysia Tycoons be Affected by General Election's Result?

The 13th Malaysia's General Election is around the corner. Many Malaysian working in overseas are trying to come back to cast their votes to select a new government. If you do not know, the current two major parties are Barison National that rules the country for 55 consecutive years and Pakatan Rakyat that was formed 10 years + ago as the biggest opposition party now. 

What I found from newspapers was 1 article wrote about whether Malaysia Tycoons are affected by the coming GE's result. Some of the Tycoons that have a very close relationship with current government, some of them are Syed Mohkthar and Ananda Krishnan who have been building their business empire under Tun Dr. Mahathir's leadership in 80s & 90s. Ananda Krishnan controls Astro & Maxis while Syed Mohktar controls from Sugar, Ports to Proton etc. Pakatan Raykat leaders claimed they will check through all the contracts being given by Barison National if they take over in coming GE. Nonetheless, I doubt it would be an easy job for them to sort out those unfairness contracts. 

While I believe that BN will still rule the nation, the winning gap would be narrowed even further, due to strong support from Chinese and Anti-UMNO Malays. To simply put that, while the political risk will increase in short term, but we would see a better Malaysia in future. I love my country, and I do hope my next generation can stay and work in Malaysia, without the needs of migrating to other countries. Nonetheless, as the world is becoming smaller via better connectivity through internet, I believe we should have a mind of becoming Global Citizen, that to protect our Earth Mother, from being destroyed by ourselves. 

My wife told me that she would support the protest held at Hong Lim Park for the over population issue, although she is also a Malaysian. I just do hope that Malaysia could sort its own corruption issues on top of others first. 

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