07 May 2013

Investment Can Make Your Life Better

While a small portion of people who are so lucky to inherit wealth from their parents, majority of us were born with nothing. To most of us, our parents are working as an employees for 20 - 30 years in the same company and enjoy a stable life after setting up a family. Some of them may enjoy pension funds or the EPF/CPF money after retired. But to be frank, I think that the EPF / CPF money taken out from the government can only last for a few more years due to certain reasons:
  1. Medical Expenses: Medical Expenses has risen faster than inflation rate in general. Without a proper plan to keep yourself healthy, it will incur a huge medical bills for you when you grow older. 
  2. Travel Expenses: Some retirees enjoy traveling after retired. They are still in healthy shape in their 50s / 60s. It is not a small amount to travel oversea, and many will go shopping for their relatives while traveling. 
  3. Kid's Education Fees: Few still need to spend money on their young kid's education fees. It is very expensive studying oversea. 
  4. Daily Expenses: While many stop working after retired, they still need to spend money on food & other daily expenses. 
I have met with many friends who are employees but at the same time are investors as well. They try to create many sources of income to reduce the dependency of the salary income. To me, investment is another way for you to better manage your money from being hurt by the inflation. It is unwise if you just keep all your excess cash in bank for a long time. 

Investment can change your life, especially after you retired from your long term careers. You can choose to put your money in bank to enjoy little fix deposit, or to put your money in any other investment tools to enjoy a stable income. For those who are in their retirement life, it is wise to park more money in fixed income assets, and allocate some in equities to enjoy capital growth. For those youngsters or young couples, I believe you have made your own choice, that may change your life some 30 years later.


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