13 April 2013

Singapore Stock Screening - Good Growth Counter with Decent Dividend Payout

Today I just did a homework to extract data from www.shareinvestor.com on good growth counter with decent dividend payout. My steps are stated as below:

1. Get Top 200 5 years revenue growth (Revenue CAGR) counters
2. Further filter counters with positive EPS Growth and DPS Growth

Below are some counters that after the stock screening as of 13 April 2013 for me to focus on the counters. Please note that this is only a simple stock screening. You have to do your own homework to get the desire result yourself.

  1. CWT
  2. Lian Beng
  3. Straco
  4. Super Group
  5. Jardine C&C
  6. OCBC Bank
  7. FEOrchard

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