14 April 2013

Learning Is a Continuous Process In Investment

Investment to me is a hobby. I spend average 10 hours a day  in reading news/books/financial reports related to investment as well as writing summary. I am very grateful that I am able to make money with my hobby. Besides being a Mobile Remisier, I also engage in several talks in teaching people in shares investing. This website also stands as a portal for information sharing purpose. 

Investment is a continuous process, that requires you to focus fully on, and keep on improving yourself to equip with adequate knowledge. You can join online forum to get yourself familiar with the investment term, such as ROE, ROI, Net Profit Margin, Asset Turnover, Debt-To-Equity Ratio etc so that you can have better ideas on the public listed company that you are investing in.   

Besides that, you can also attend some seminars organized by financial institution. Maybank Kim Eng Securities, one of the Singapore Stock Broking firm, introduces some courses that suitable to newbie and/or amateur investors. You may go to their website to find out the courses exclusively for their clients. 

To me, I went through a 3 level exams in Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program. This program provides information on analyzing investment, such as from Economy, Quantitative Method, or Fundamental point of view. It helped me to better understand how we can justify a good investment, as well as to manage our wealth portfolio. 

Not only that, reading investment books can help us to grow faster, compared to we figure it ourselves from the investment journey. It is actually a very small investment that can bring a big return to you. We can copy those successful investors' ideas in investing. However, being investing for 15 years in Equity market let me know that your own characteristic is the main reason that make yourself different from others in the investment results. Do not be afraid of the risk, and try to manage the calculated risk in investment. For example, please do more homework before putting all your money in just 1 basket. I am not saying that diversification is good, in fact, I try to put all my money in a few counters / real estates that I think the best can give me the best return after calculating all the risk involved. 

I always believe in hard work. Try to read more news from newspapers, and figure out what the next investment theme that yield the best result. To me, I prefer to invest in Property related, such as REITs, property development & construction stocks and real estate, and that is why I create this website to share more on property and shares investment in Singapore and Malaysia market. 

Thank you for those who are my long term readers. And I hope we can learn from each others to achieve a better and consistent result in the investment journey. 

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