07 March 2013

Iskandar Malaysia Getting Popular?

Yesterday I talked with my friend over phone on Iskandar Malaysia. She is a Singaporean but wanted to invest in Malaysia property since Government now pushing very hard to curb the property price rising in Singapore. She is a long term investor, or rather believe in long term investment. She likes to hold a property for around 7 years before dispose of the property. What she told me was that, Property Investment is a Leveraging Investment. It means that you could double up your invested capital just few years time and enjoy a steady rental income if you make a right choice.

Ok, so back to the topic, is Iskandar Malaysia getting popular now? I believe the answer is Yes, after Singapore government push for people to stop purchasing property, or rather speculating property in Singapore. Actually to me, it is a good chance for people to buy property in JB and travel to work in Singapore. If you notice, there are two causeways linked to Singapore from Iskandar Malaysia, one is TUAS and another is Woodlands. With new customs built up since last few years ago, the traffic jam is improving but still heavily jam during the peak hours. So now, with both government push for RTS (Rail Transport System) in both cross ways (e.g. Thomson Line - Tanjung Puteri Linkage project to be revealed detailed plan by this year or next), it is a good time to purchase a JB property.

Now the only worry is that, a lot of property development projects are actually focus more on residential project. Without business / economy activities in place, it is very hard for more talents / middle-high class staying and working in Iskandar Malaysia, needless to say about growing it to be a financial hub. To me, Iskandar Malaysia could be a compliment to Singapore. It could provide land banks and lower cost labors to Singapore, and to grow with Singapore together to be a bigger metropolis. What worry me is that, with more condominiums / service apartments being built recent years, who is going to stay there? It only benefit to those who have their own private transports such as motorcycles and motorcars.

Anyway, we could see a better and clearer pictures when everything planned for Infrastructure is executed well here. I also notice that more expats like to stay in Iskandar Malaysia and send their kids to private schools to enjoy a better life style while maintaining  same or even lower living costs there. They could just buy a much more cheaper Malaysia car and hire a driver to send them off to work in Singapore, and enjoy a happy weekend in Iskandar Malaysia, to avoid crowded shopping area in Singapore such as Orchard Road.

Being a Singapore PR and Malaysian, I truly hope for a closer co-operation in these two area, and more people could benefit from here. Let's Malaysian to stay in Malaysia while allowing them to work in Singapore to contributing their brains and taxes to Singapore government.

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