17 March 2013

How to Increase Your Property Numbers Without Further Cash Out Flow?

Copied from my friend:

1. Get a decent Positive Cash Flow Properties. But be aware of change of rule from Government. With current property curb by Singapore government, I believe it is getting harder to play leveraging game in Singapore property market. However, this can prevent more property price collapse once the SIBOR getting back to higher rate in future.

2. Buy property at good location with good management. Buy property with good development in place, especially for those developers that have 15 years planning ahead. This is to ensure a property that can have capital appreciation in long time, not just for speculation only. Some developers just earn money when they develop the project and just run away without further management. This will not increase the property price in long run.

3. Sell when the price is right And Do not Buy Eagerly. Do not get into "Emotion" when an urgent buyer approach you to buy from you at higher price. And do not buy eagerly. Do more research before you buy any property.


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