05 March 2013

Ben Graham 'Value' Model Criteria

Ben Graham 'Value' Model: 

  1. Is the PER less than one-half the reciprocal of the government-10 year bond yield?
  2. Is the PER less than 40% of the 5-yr average?
  3. Is the dividend yield at least 2/3 of the of the 10 year government bond yield
  4. Is the share price below 2/3 of the Book Value Per Share?
  5. Is the share price less than 2/3 of net current assets per share?
  6. Is the d/e ratio less than 100%?
  7. Is the current ratio>2?
  8. Is the total debt less than 2x net current assets?
  9. Has EPS growth of last 5-yrs averaged >7%
  10. Has the EPS growth been negative no more than 1 year out of the past 5 years?

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