26 February 2013

Upcoming Release Dates for Quarterly Earnings of Top Singapore-Listed Companies

SINGAPORE, February 26(Reuters) - Following is a list of the upcoming release dates for the quarterly earnings of top Singapore-listed companies.

DATE    COMPANY NAME                     RIC PERIOD

Feb 26  SembCorp Industries                      Q4
Feb 26  CSE Global Ltd                              Q4
Feb 26  HTL International Holdings Ltd       Q4
Feb 27  United Overseas Bank Group         Q4
Feb 27  Indofood Agri Resources Ltd         Q4
Feb 28  City Developments Limited             Q4
Feb 28  Venture Corporation Ltd                Q4
Feb 28  China Aviation Oil (S) Corp           Q4
Feb 28  Jardine Cycle & Carriage Ltd        Q4
Feb 28  UOL Group Ltd                            Q4 

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