30 January 2013

Understand Your Limit

Before we go further, let me explain the reasons why I wrote this blog.

1. You are the Unique One in the world. There is no another You in this world. So the only way you can do is to follow your heart, follow your decision made. Nobody would able to change other person except themselves. So you must make decision yourself, even after taking consideration of others advice to you. You understand you yourself most, you know what you want to achieve for the rest of your life. You want what you gonna do in next 10,20 or 40 years to make yourself a better man.

2. Invisible asset that you are holding now such as your personality - honesty, integrity, capability, kindness, hardworking etc could make yourself a successful person. But with correct way. You must strongly believe in this - no one is born to be a Poor Guy. There is a lot of opportunities outside, but you must be prepared. Opportunities only are given to people in prepared.

3. Hardwork makes perfect. There is no free lunch in the world. Even there is, you also have to take initiative to go and grab it before others come in. I am not a smart guy, and I always act after people. But with strong perseverance, I slowly improve my English communication skills, and build up my confidence in speaking and writing in English. I always appreciate what other said about my weakness. And I keep on improving it.

4. There are more important things to do besides earning $$. As part of society, we should contribute back to it to show token of appreciation, especially to schools. The corporate social responsibility (CSR) is established among companies to help our society to improve. Once standard of living is improved, we could see a stable Economy Growth and a better lifestyle.

Ok, so back to our topic here - understand your limit. I have been thinking of becoming multi-millionaire for long time. Ya, it's only a mind building and no action yet. When I tried to share my ideas of becoming multi-millionaire to my friends and family, what they response to me are always negative. I believe this is the reason why most of us still not yet become millionaire due to negative mindset. So I keep on telling myself that, yes, you can be a millionaire. And others will tell me - please know your limit. Why? In order to be multi millionaire, you are either to inherit fortune from your parents or to be a businessman / investor / professionals. So I admit that I do not Har a talent to be a professional like an actor or a doctor, so I have to train myself to be a business-like investor.

I have a good friend who is a businessman and likes to share with me his positive thinking mindset. It makes me think same like him. And I appreciate that so much till now. One of the lesson I learnt from him is to understand your capital limitation. Few years ago, I tried to learn from him in property investment. He told me that it's good that if you can buy land and commercial properties. Those are the prime categories of property, but you can't do it now as you have limited capital. At that time, I only have around <100K RM. So I have no choice but to grow my capital via shares investment, thanks god, my return not too bad, I was able to generate >20% return per annum. It turns out to be a good result. Now I started to venture to >500K property investment. Each project could generate >20% return or it means that I could get 6 figure return for each investment. Thanks god. But I do not still have the capability to investment in few million project, I believe it will take another few more years before I could do so.

So, always understand your limit - Time, Capital, and Capability. You could however, leverage on other people's time and money in later stage once your portfolio reach 7/8figures.

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