11 December 2012

Think Creative, Start Smart, Dig Hard

I have been investing in stock market since year 1998, which I was in secondary school. And I started to read financial news and articles when I was in primary school. I am not sure whether it was a born skill, but I do believe that my family lifestyle has been improving over the years through investment, be it real estate or financial products. That is why I keep on pushing myself to write articles here to inspire you to believe me that we can achieve financial freedom through investment.

If you look at so many theories about how to achieve financial freedom through passive income, I summarize it into two important parts that you can leverage on - 1. $$$ 2. People

Money is not evil, but human that owns the money is. As long as you do not be greedy to just use it for your own good, you will be getting more money by spending more in building your assets. You may take a look at my another post - asset building game to know more about building an asset that can generate passive income.

The people here I mean are two main types - the people who can help you to generate more passive income and the people who can partner with you to generate more active income. To be frank, I am a lazy guy who loves traveling and investing all the time. So I may not be able to lead a group of people who can help me to generate active income. However, I believe that by investing in people (or rather in a company be it private equity or public listed co.), I can receive passive income every month / quarter / year. It depends on how "creativity" you are, in managing those people.

When we first thought of managing people, we will realize that not everyone can be a good manager or team leader. However, it can be learnt through a lot of practices. It consumes a lot of time when we decided to be a good manager. So I would rather to be a passive partner to the top management. There are few things we should consider:

1. Can we do better than current top management?
2. Why should we invest in those people?
3. Is there any win-win situation?

My investment skills improved since I started to dig hard in equity stock market via various methods. The three most crucial methods that I think are:

  • Learn from the experts
  • Start your little move towards the goals
  • Review the failure, keep on improving it
We can get a "short cut" if we can learn something from the experts. This is no doubt why I can achieve semi financial freedom in just less than 7 years since I started to work. And now my passion is to achieve financial freedom together with you. 

Let's think of this way - some people learn things from listening to other's opinion. Some learn from action. Some learn from thinking themselves. You gotta know more about yourself, your character, your strength, your weakness before you started an investment / business. The most successful businessmen are those not "business". They would rather to let their experienced management to run the business than themselves, so that they have more time to think of the long term direction of the company. 

If you decided to get rich through employment, then you have to be a better employee, in term of loyalty (this is the most important factor when we select the senior management, or in other word I would say "Integrity"), capability (many people have different skill sets - some are very detailed person, some are good in action, some are good in planning), so the only elements that you need, is to combine $$$ & people to generate passive/active income for you.

Once you had learnt how to utilize those 2 elements ($$$ and people), you are not far from achieving financial freedom. But it's not end of achieving financial freedom. It's just a begining to help more people in achieving their life goals, without worry about the money.  

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