13 December 2012

Consistency - A Short Cut to Reach Destination

No doubt, a lot of people who can earn a lot of money at the beginning. And they started to think that they are "genius" in making money without hard work. But they will soon face some difficulty when the economy turns worse. And most of the people will just stop investing after they faced the losses. If you still can make money from investment for at least 10 - 20 years, then I have to congratulate you on two things:

  1. You are still surviving in long run. You may end up achieving a better return in long run, as your experience grows.
  2. You are still in the investment for so many years. It is not an easy task to a person who just want to make money but not about "passion" for doing so in long run. 

It's just a like a body training. You will see immediate effect after you have done all the instruction by your personal trainer. But it would become a waste if you just stop training from there and your body will not be kept in good shape if you do not train yourself consistently.

It applies same to the investment. The more homework you do, the "smarter" you are in doing your investment. The more experience you are in the investment, the better result you could get in long run. But you will start experiencing losses if you do not improve yourself in investment skills, or you just become lazy to stop learning a new investment skill that could cost you a million dollar in long run.

As this is a never ending game, consistency plays a very important role here. If you really wish to achieve financial freedom or any of your lifetime goals, just do it. And never give up.

I still remembered that some of my friends told me that it is not easy to earn money from blogging and they urged me to stop blogging and focus on more other thing. But my passion on sharing my thoughts or information on investment has brought me here.

Try not to focus too much on just the destination you want to arrive, but the nice scene along the way you go to your destination. You will find out a lot of beautiful things along the way.

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