07 December 2012

Australia Property Expo (Central Equity) - 6 to 9 December 2012

Yesterday I went for a seminar organized by Central Equity, a well known developer in Australia. It is currently promoting Australia property in Singapore and I just went to listen for what they were offering.

A summary here. You could engage a property management team to assist you to invest property in Australia while you are in Singapore. The benefits include:

  • You can put as low as 10% down payment. The 10% deposit is parked under Trust Account managed by third party. It could safeguard you money to a certain extant.
  • Melbourne was voted as the best livable city in year 2011. The population is growing there. South Bank is now a growing zone for the property market there. 
  • Freehold property is a better choice due to different law treatment. 
  • You could be able to save a lot of stamp duty expense as well as tax expenses from property investment (directly purchase from developer)
  • Developer is willing to provide 1st year guarantee rental yield to the buyers. 
  • Occupancy rate in Melbourne stay at < 3% since year 2005 or year 2006. It means that it is a very good choice to invest in property here. However, we should also be aware of over supply issue in future. 
For those who are interesting to know more about Australia Property Investment, you could click here for more information.


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