14 December 2012

A Short Conversation on Singapore Property Investment

Yesterday I chat with my cousin on Singapore property market. She mentioned to me that Jurong will be another hot spot to be developed as business district in Singapore. It could be happen in near future, as Genting Singapore also acquired a land at very high price (>1300psf if I am not wrong). So what I think is that, I would re-focus on this area, as it may enjoy a better capital appreciation in future. But I am not sure how strong the support from government as well as from private sectors are.


  1. Hey Jack, you are referring to the Jurong Lake District right? It does seem quite promising what with the Westgate project that has a strong
    mix of office,retail and residential progressing quite well. Last I heard, the strong players in the private sector are still fighting for a piece of the pie and the mrt stations around the area will also upgraded soon.
    Looks like they all have a positive outlook of the economy as opposed to what has been forecasted.

    1. Thanks Vincent for your comments. I am not too sure how strong the Singapore government push for this "West Gate" project. Nonetheless, it can reduce the traffic conjunction in CBD area, as well as provide a better living style to those who wish to stay in Finance Industry but yet can't afford to buy a property in prime land area. It can also bring benefits to those expats who are currently staying in Iskandar Malaysia, especially traveling using TUAS/Second Link Highways.


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