11 November 2012

Being Rich Through Asset Building Game

It's all about building assets. In making yourself richer.

Of course, I cannot guarantee you that being rich is a better life. However, at least we will have lesser worry on having financial difficulty to stop us from achieving our lifetime goals. I still believe that having goals other than $$ can make you happier. In broad, there are two types of assets that you can build along the way when you start working after graduated:

1. Invisible Assets - Attitude, Brave, Responsibility, Integrity, Loyalty, Prudence, Care etc. 

Those invisible assets are about building a stronger and better character, in making yourself to gone through the difficulty in your life. You couldn't able to always in achieving your goals in smooth ways. Whenever we face a failure, we need to analyze the reasons of failure and try to figure out solution / alternative path to the success. It is not the success makes us stronger, but the failure does.

I had failed my industrial training twice, and I retook CFA Level II exams for several years. In between, I could feel that I was very upset of those incidents. However, my heart kept telling me to stay strong, just continue what you want to achieve. After you looked back, you could tell that, having a strong character could have you to bypass all the obstacles.

I also noticed that Being Helpful is very good to everybody. You could feel happier after you helped someone within you capability. You also will find that you can easily get help from others too. I believe in "Karma", which means that once you help more people enough, there will be more helpers around you. Nonetheless, you got to help others with your true heart. Later they will feel you sincerity.

So do I believe in Hardworking. Without a hardworking mindset, you will also not be able to help yourself good enough. I still remembered what my primary school principle told me, that I became a better Table Tennis Athlete than an ex-classmate just because I kept practicing it a lot. Talent is 1%, the rest is about hardworking.

2. Visible Assets - 

After you have built up a stronger and better character, then now you have to set your mind to building a real assets in it. I do believe many of us had experience in becoming an employee just after graduated or before graduated. I believe that working is not all bout gaining experience but also creating your own personal network. It could help you in building up your business in future. I do noticed that some successful businessmen have their strong network and also resourceful information around them. Once you have a strong network, you could start learning how to build assets in long run.

Some people believe in property investment. They make rich through purchasing properties and get the good rental yield and sell it whenever they feel the time is right. I have one property in JB and I think I will be buying more properties in this area in near future, as it is now a booming market. But one of my friends told me that the current market trend is: It is getting expensive in New Market but you could still get a cheaper price in Resale Market.

I personally pretty like Shares Investment. I believe you can see some of my posts on equity investment here.
Once you invest in equity in correct way and long enough, it can double up your portfolio from 10K to 1M in around 20 years - 30 years, depending on your investment return. Of course this is just a theory. As I said, you still have to build up your invisible assets - such as hardworking, perseverance and other strong character in order to survive and grow yourself in Asset Building Game.

The most fastest way of building asset is through building up your business. I believe this is the most difficult part only after you have some experience in working with others. Nonetheless, you will have to have a greater responsibility as you have to take care of your staffs to ensure they have enough "food" to bring home. This is part of corporate social responsibility as well.

So, no matter how, I believe that this is a long journey. Let's strive to survive in this journey. Never Give Up!

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