28 October 2012

JB House Renovation Update - Part 3 - October 2012

Follow up from previous post  JB House Renovation - Part 2, my girlfriend and I went to search for furniture and lighting. We went to the lighting shop which related to my contractors and checked for their prices. A down light costs about RM14 which I think is quite reasonable. After some bargain, we bought a bout RM1,300 for most of the lights which includes but not limited to down lights, lights for balcony, master bedrooms, middle rooms and small rooms. 

We also bought a dining set which cost about RM1.5K and a 3-Seats fabric sofa RM4.2K. My gf and I decided to buy a fabric sofa due to some personal reasons. I believe this is a sofa which can last for at least 3 - 5 years with good maintenance. The dining set is under promotion and we decided to buy it without second thought. 

For painting, we also spent about RM800 to get a group of workers to help us to paint the internal wall for lower floor and plastic ceiling. We also spent around RM500 to buy the paint. So the total cost for paintings is about RM1,300. 

I hope to get a final list of renovation so that I could update you here and be a reference when you decided to start a house renovation at Johor Bahru area. 

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