14 September 2012

Wilmar Shares Buy Back

Wilmar price has just risen up by more than 4% to S$3.14 after it announced that it commenced Share Buy-Back Of 7.388 Million Shares or 0.115% of total outstanding shares At S$3.00 Each yesterday (13 September 2012). It costs about S$22,190,136.14 for the management to buy back the shares.

To me, it is a good sign as the management would think that S$3.00 is undervalued and it will give impression to the shareholders that $3.00 is the undervalued price.

Anyway, part of the reasons why Wilmar share price has gone up today is also due to QE3 news announced by US government yesterday. I believe that the hot money will flow into forex market, commodities market and real estate market (which all under Alternative Investment category). No doubt, it can give a "good feeling" to the investors now. I hope that the up trend can last for another few more months.

Anyway, my concern to this shares is whether the company can make a turnaround for its oil crushing business and still can make a good profit margin in palm oil division, as there are still some uncertainties in palm oil market. 

Below is 1 year chart (as of 13 September 2012) for Wilmar compared with STI:

Wilmar and STI 1 year comparison chart. Source: Shareinvestor.com

Below is 1 year sahre price chart (as of 13 September 2012) for Wilmar:
Wilmar 1 year chart. Source: Shareinvestor.com


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