10 September 2012

Where are you leading to in your life? - P2

One year after I wrote the post - Where are you leading to in your life?, I encountered several obstacles which I had to face and cross over it. Indeed, it is really good if we set a good target to achieve it in long run, but please do not forget to enjoy the process when you reaching there.

After becoming a remisier, I realized that I am not a good salesman. And inside my mind, I think that we should not have excessive trading in stock market. It could lower down the transaction cost and also avoid any opportunity costs. I still believe in long term investment and regular portfolio rebalancing. I hope all my clients can benefit from long term investment and porfolio rebalancing in long run. Anywa, I should engaged them at least once in a while before they forget about me.

One of my friends shared with me that it is good if we can have different targets other than achieving financial freedom. We can still survive without the stock market, as long as our income is more than the expenses. Some people tend to have a high quality life style, such as going for high tea and traveling frequently. As for myself, I prefer investing, traveling, and reading and of course blogging.

After completed CFA programme by passing level III exam this summer, I have set a new target for my 2H 2012:
  • To be more healthy by having healthy diet and exercise more 
  • Start actively in blogging as well as article writings regarding personal finance & financial planning & investment
  • Be a better man by involving in more charity / social works
I think now money is not the only factor to push me to work harder, and there is something else I have to do to contribute back to the society that grow me to be a better man.

Please leave me your comments on where are you leading to in your life. We can discuss it further. :)

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