25 September 2012

House Renovation at JB - Part 2

After the first post which I started last month, we finally started the renovation works this week. It took quite a long time for us to prepare for the renovation due to our stay at Singapore most of the time and only have free time during weekends to discuss with the contractors.

Last week we managed to choose the pattern and color of the floor mosaic at Master Bedroom Balcony and the color of the table top at Kitchen. We also learnt that with so many contractors doing their job together at the same time (we have 3 contractors, 1 is for iron-window due to security reasons, 1 is for electrical wiring and another 1 is for main renovation construction), we have to liaise with them 1 by 1 as well as to allow them to contact each others to avoid any misunderstanding. I made a small mistake by only following up with the main contractor but not contact with the rest.

We also have to be very sure that the socket wiring is at the correct location, and have a more detailed "3D" floor plan to explain the height of the socket location. From time to time, I believe we have to be there at least on weekly basis to ensure the project is going smoothly.

We went to Johor Jaya last Sunday to find electrical fan with light, but unfortunately many shops are closed. So we will go there again and check if there is any fan there. Worse comes to worst, we would just go and buy the fans from Taobao.com website. It is C2C website which allows the consumers to choose and pick the stuff they like and purchase at lower price. The only thing that we are worry about is that we might not get the stuff we purchase online.

Hopefully the project can be completed by end of November.

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