29 August 2012

Thomson Line Cost S$18Billion, ready by 2019

Singapore's sixth MRT line, the Thomson Line, is expected to be built at an estimated cost of around $18 billion and should be ready from 2019 onwards instead of the indicative timeline of 2018.
Lui Tuck Yew, Minister for Transport, said on Wednesday, that after extensive studies and detailed planning, the LTA has decided to make significant changes to the preliminary alignment and plans conceived for the Thomson Line when it launched the Land Transport Masterplan (LTMP) in 2008.
Mr Lui said the Thomson Line will now be 30 km long, 3 km longer than envisaged. There will be a total of 22 stations, 4 more than in the original plan.
It will be a 4-car system, instead of a 3-car system, to provide additional capacity to cope with any increase in long-term demand.
Source: businesstimes.com.sg

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