30 August 2012

Roxy - Pacific Holdings Limited Acquired Residential Site

Roxy-Pacific Holdings limited announced that it acquired a freehold residential site at Adis Road.

Below is the announcement copied from the SGX website.

We refer to the announcement made by Roxy-Pacific Holdings Limited (the "Company") on 17 July 2012 that its subsidiary, RH Mount Sophia Pte. Ltd. (formerly known as RP Assets Pte. Ltd.) has entered into a conditional agreement to acquire a freehold residential site comprised within TS 19 Lot 464N at 14 Adis Road, Singapore 229977 and also known as Sophia Mansions  (“the Development).
The Company is pleased to announce that all the registered subsidiary proprietors of the units holding 100% share value had consented to the collective sale of the Development.

Source: http://roxypacific.listedcompany.com/newsroom/20120829_181938_E8Z_41EB04AB8A7B70C448257A69002D1CB0.1.pdf

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