08 August 2012

I passed the CFA level III exam!

Following up with the post I passed my CFA level II exam, I managed to pass level III exam after 1st try. I cannot express my feeling more with words, as I thought I was still in the dream, as it was midnight when I first received the email. I immediately notify my closed friends and family that I passed the exam and ready to apply for the membership.

If you are not aware of, CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) program is designed for those candidates who like to pursue their careers in financial related industry, especially in research / fund management sub sector. It requires you to pass 3 levels of exams and have at least 4 years relevant experience in financial industry.

To pass the CFA exam, what I can think of is to really dedicate your time, your efforts, and your determination to pass it. I passed my level 1 and level 3 in 1st try but failed several times in level 2. I believe the "Never Give Up" spirit and the moral supports from my gf and family made me gone through this mentally tough exams.

In each exam, you have to give you at least 250-300 hours to complete the syllabus and finish all the exercises. It is good if you have additional reading materials such as Schweser or Stella, as I studied and exercises "q bank" from Schweser. It really is a happy ending to me, as I was sometime confused of my decision of studying CFA program after failed several times in my level 2 exam. Nonetheless, it would be one of my unforgetable experience in my life, expecially I proof to the people who doubt my capability of completing the whole program.

I hope everyone who considers CFA as one of your post graduate studies can seriously think abou it. It is not matter how much salary increament you would be given if you are in this industry, but a recognition as you have to fulfill the Code of Ethic imposed by the CFA Insititute. I love portfolio management, and I hope it would be my life long career. Yes, definitely. 

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  1. Congrats!

    It was a hard AM paper.
    But glad to be in the majority too.


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