05 July 2012

China cut another interest rate within a month

China cut another interest rate within a month in a battle to economy slow down. Source from Bloomberg, even large manufacturers such as Nike has felt the economy slow down in China with increase in inventory level as well as lower consumer spending.

It seems that China government has moved from inflation focus to growth focus as it tries to maintain 7.5%-8% growth this year. Domestic spending has become the main focus of China government inspite of the recent eurozone financial crisis as well as weaker U.S. economic data.

We will see a near impact on its property market, as the "hot" money will surely move into the real estate market. As china financial system still has a room to grow in term of regulation, I believe more retailers will benefit from here.

In long run, IMO, manufacturing industry will definitely benefit from the lower interest rate, and boost consumer confident level here.

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