21 January 2012

A short story about Time

I read from a newspaper that there was a movie regarding the time as a money unit that can be utilized. The rich guys always have plenty of time to use while the poors don't have enough time to spend.

In that world, you have to exchange the money to time so that your life can be extended. Without money, you can't use that to live longer. So the poors always die earlier as they don't have enough money to exchange for time.

My personal view on that is most of the poor guys don't really utilize their time fully, as they focus more on entertainment after working for 8 hours later. One of my friends who is a very rich person shared with me that, he can become a rich guy because he knows how to utilize the money well.

From here, I realized that to become a rich guy or at least achieve the financial freedom, you have to master on the skills of utilizing your money well. The more advanced skill / knowledge you have, the more fortune that you can accumulate. And this is not only about investment on the Tangible Asset, but also the intangible asset as well.


  1. Exchange Time for Money.

    Use Money to save Time and Money to make Money.

    Spend more Time on not making more Money.


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