22 December 2011

Technical Analysis - Good technique to use?

Technical analysis is used by a lot of stock traders and investors to determine the timing to enter or exit the market. I am not so good in this, as I know that I have little time to learn about this. In fact, I would like to focus more on the stock that I invest in.

For example, if I know that the company that I invest can give me a return of 1000% in 10 years time, there is no point for me to keep on buy and sell the shares. But if I cannot find out the shares that can guarantee me the return, then I may use some of the indicators to find out the shares that I can invest in.

Majority of the investors would choose to select a stock just based on few minutes from the chart search. I think it is quite similar to a gambling. (But If you are good in technical analysis, then you can teach me on that, because I really have no clue on that). I am going to join the TA courses conducted by my company and hopefully I can get more clues from there and share with you here. :)

Last but not least, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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  1. We tried analyzing how some of the primitive technical indicators like 200DMA can be used for long term investing.
    Would love to have your views on http://www.stableinvestor.com/2011/11/investment-based-on-200dma-return-over.html


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