01 December 2011

My Portfolio Update + Opinion on Current Market Movement

My Cash + Stock Portfolio Update (1 Dec 2011)

Stock - 52.78% - MSIA - 40.76%, SG - 12.02%

Cash - 47.22%

Long term Investment strategy would be at least 50% in Equity and can be Up to 90%. The bear market (Or so called 'weak market sentiment') started since August 2011 and I would foresee another few more months to go. It takes time for a government / countries to have a critical decision be made to stabilize the economy as well as its socio-political issues.

EUROPE - Euro is still at the weak side compared to USD. As more governments are taking efforts to discuss and solve the problem together, I do not see a further deterioration of Europe economy. It can only be better after it becomes worst.

US - If we can see a better decision made in between the two parties to solve domestic problem in USA, we would see a better economy in 2H 2012. Of course you can be patience enough to wait for economy recovery which we can only see the impact by 2H 2012.

CHINA - China govn. nonetheless is still battling for the inflation as well as its export directed economy. For my humble opinion, I believe China govn. can still cope with its economy as it is controlled by one party and the policy change made can be faster than Europe / US.

SG - Singapore Economy will slow down to expected 1-3% growth according to Sg. Govn. Forecast. In my own opinion, I hope that SG economy can return to its normal growing speed at 3-5% per annum after 2H2012. So far I still cannot foresee a long recession in Singapore thanks to its government efforts on monetary policy as well as "Open Economy Policy".

MY - Msia will be undergoing an election next year. Normally we will see a better economy environment on the election year (in general). Nonetheless, I do hope that Msia Economy can be better than last year due to its export sector (e.g. Palm Oil & other commodities, Tourism, Export sectors etc.). With labor cost rising in China and disaster at Japan/Thailand, I hope that there will be more FDI coming in to Msia.

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